Queensland is home to the Great Barrier Reef and provides perfect opportunities for residents and tourists to come across marine life. If you are new to Queensland or visiting it for the first time, deciding which places to go is daunting, and you can waste a lot of time without a headstart. Therefore, here is Into the Blue’s five-day tour guide to fit Queensland’s best marine life encounters. Check it now to have a great adventure without investing a lot of time.

Day 1: Whale Watch at Hervey Bay

Get on a 50-minute flight from Brisbane to Hervey Bay – the globe’s primary whale heritage area- where over twenty thousand humpback whales with their babies travel along the eastern coast for their yearly migration. The bay is a protected natural water body where whales show their young ones to play and socialise in a safe environment. 

The best time to whale watch is June to November. You can see the beautiful marine creatures breach and tail slap during your visit. What’s more, enjoy the dining scene while you are at Hervey Bay, as the area has multiple cafes, restaurants and eateries.  

Day 2: Visit Lady Elliot Island

Go to Lady Elliot Island to snorkel in the eastern lagoon. Say hello to giant turtles, potato cods, and many other aquatic creatures after a 40 minutes flight from Hervey Bay. You can stay at the Eco Resort alone, with your partner or kids and learn a lot about the aquatic ecosystem and how measures are taken to conserve and protect the reef. Don’t forget to explore the western island to look at coral shelves and underwater dips. You kids will love swimming along schools of fish, green turtles and more.   

Day 3: Scuba with Manta Rays & Maori Wrasse

If you haven’t done scuba diving before, this is your chance to do it with manta rays and Maori Wrasse. Get on the dive boat to Anchor Bommie first, which is close to Lady Elliot Island. Here you can scuba with gentle and giant manta rays. Observe their fluid movements and let yourself be floored by their magnanimity. 

Next, visit the Maori Wrasse Bommie to scuba with the huge Maori Wrasse. Marvel at their bright yellow and blue markings. What’s more, you’ll be surprised to see that these giants like company and never miss an opportunity to greet humans! 

Day 4: Visit Reef HQ

Want to see the quirky and intriguing marine animals of Queensland? Plan to visit the Reed HQ. It is the world’s most extensive coral reef aquarium. You can look at the living creatures without getting wet through the reef tunnel. Thus, wander through the aquarium and also book tickets to the daily shark feeding show. This trip will make your children squeal with joy and awe.

Day 5: Say Hello To Clownfish & Giant Clams

The world underwater is bright, magnanimous and unlike anything you have ever seen. Therefore, as your last spot, visit Port Douglas to explore the Outer Reef. You can select any of the boat trip options or pick a marine biology day program. Get a real and informative tour to analyse coral health and learn about environmental impacts. You can have the time of your life by exploring the marine life at the bommies and coral cays of Agincourt Reef. During your visit, you can easily spot clams, clownfish, Maori Wrasse, parrotfish and many other beautiful marine creatures of Queensland.      

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you plan this trip, make sure to pack swimsuits, wet suits, goggles, and other necessary items. Most reputed tour guide providers can help you arrange the necessary gear to have fun while you scuba, snorkel or partake in any other water activity. However, it is never futile to be prepared for a vacation.


Queensland is the best place to have a vacation among the world’s largest marine life. Therefore, if you are in the state or plan to visit it soon, make sure to have a five-day tour to have the best marine life encounters mentioned above.

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