If you have curious little ones who love seeing sea and ocean creatures, you need to take them out exploring in Brisbane. There are many options for your little ones to explore and discover new and diverse marine animals in Brisbane.

From jellyfishes to starfishes and right up to the giant whales, your kids will enjoy a fun extravaganza exploring the ocean life of Brisbane. Here are some fun places you can take your kid so that they can learn more about the marine life of Brisbane:

  • Brisbane Whale Watching

If your kids love the thrill and adventure of watching ocean animals, they will enjoy whale watching in Brisbane. Here, you and your kids can join the Eye-Spy whale boat to watch the southern humpback whales jumping in action.

These whales migrate from Antarctica every year and swim through the waters of Moreton Bay. Your kids will get to see these beautiful giant whales swimming on the surface and along with the boat. It is an experience of a lifetime.

  • Sea World, Gold Coast

Let your kids have a fun day at the Sea World on Gold Coast, where they can go on glass-bottom tours on boats and enjoy watching marine animals. They can also sit and watch seal and dolphin shows and relax, or if they want to watch something more dangerous in nature, they can watch the sharks swimming by. Your kids might also get to interact with some legendary zoologists, marine biologists and marine vets.

  • Queensland Museum, South Bank

Do your kids love learning about history as well as marine life? Well, then they will love the Queensland Museum in the South Bank. Here your kids will explore the majestic archives of Queensland’s marine history and uncover amazing sea creatures across time. Your kids will also enjoy seeing ancient whale walks and displays of marine animals etched in time and will have a glorious journey here. So let your kids explore the marine animals of the past and have a gala time in Brisbane.

  • Seal Life, Mooloolaba

One of the best places to enjoy a fun family outing and see some of the most quirky and intriguing marine animals in Brisbane is the Seal Life in Mooloolaba. This place is open 364 days a year, so your little ones can gain as much knowledge about the marine world as they want. They can interact with marine biologists and vets and watch the sea creatures live in action.

There are also regular seal shows throughout the day that will make your little ones squeal with excitement. There is also a small playhouse for your kids to jump around in and an eating court where they can relish food and drinks. This will be a fun outing for the whole family, and you will make your kids enjoy a day out with marine animals.

  • The Australian Shark And Ray Nursery

The Australian Shark And Ray Nursery is the perfect place to take your kids when you want a lovely fun afternoon or evening outing. Here your kids can enjoy watching the local marine animals and sit back and take in the beauty of these creatures. They can also ask the local biologists and sea experts for more information on these majestic creatures.

At this nursery, you will get to see sea creatures like:

  • Sea Stars (Starfish)
  • Baby Sharks
  • Shark Eggs
  • Stingrays
  • Tangalooma Resort, Moreton Island

If your kids love whale and dolphin watching, you must take them to the Tangalooma Resort, Moreton Island, where they will get not only to see dolphins in action but also can feed them. They will also get to watch and stay amongst the most stunning sea creatures and book a whale-watching cruise when the season comes around.

Your kids will love the beauty of the natural landscapes here, and the whole area is filled with stunning sights and iconic locations. Let your kids enjoy a fun time in this natural and wonderful marine resort and create good family memories that will last a lifetime.


Explore the excellent marine spots of Brisbane as described above and enjoy the beautiful sights of sea animals like seals, dolphins and whales. Let your kid grow his curiosity and engage with some beautiful marine creatures and sea animals.

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