Life is either a great adventure or nothing! When in Queensland there’s no better way of creating fun than letting your adrenaline gush with the overwhelming array of water sports.

In Queensland, it’s all about the love for the water, and that’s precisely where you should solicit your next adventure. However, you must determine your most adapted adventure activities on the Gold Coast based on your fitness and the extent of wanderlust. You can take part in an array of different water sports in this beautiful land with warm water all year round in Queensland, you got to be spoilt for choices!

You should attempt as many as you wish from the numerous adventures in diverse locations all across Brisbane, Cairns and Gold Coast in beautiful Australia.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

With some of the world’s best diving sites, the Great Barrier Reef, and over 2900 islands to explore, Queensland offers abundant diving and snorkelling opportunities.

Don your mask and flippers and explore the underwater paradise. Hold your breath while you cherish the exciting colourful array of reefs, coral cays and shipwrecks and make some amazing memories underwater.

Tip: It’s best to plan your adventure from June to August as you may need protection against the stingers between November and May. While you’re at it, it’s imperative to stay informed about relevant maritime legislation law.


A narrow, small watercraft propelled by a double-bladed paddle, a kayak is your gear to move across the water when you go kayaking in Queensland. To add to the adventure, set off for camping and overnight kayaking along a lesser-travelled trail like Ngaro Sea Trail in Whitsundays. Traverse the sheltered bays, islands and waterways by borrowing or renting a kayak or even booking a package tour and enjoy an amazing adventure here.

Typically, all you need to carry is your swimwear, a long sleeve top, neoprene footwear, sun protecting hat, a vest, a rain jacket and pants.

Tip: Be prepared with your list of things to remember before commencing your successful ocean tour. You should find out what all you need in advance so that you are not stuck without the proper gear.

SUP/ Stand Up Paddle surfing and boarding

In contrast to the conventional method of surfing wherein the rider sits till a wave approaches, SUP boarders typically stand up and propel their way through the water. A stand-up paddle consists of a shaft, paddle and a handle. Paddles are held with both hands tilted away from the body. This helps propel it through the water quickly and keeps you moving forward on the water.

Tip: The push-pull technique is the most practical style of paddling for SUP boarding. This method involves interpolating the paddle forward gently, drawing it backwards and raising it back out of the water.

Jet Ski Safari

Among the popular water sports activities in Queensland are boating, fishing and jet skiing. Jet Ski is the registered trademark of the watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki. It offers a unique, exciting and specialised experience on the Gold Coast. Accommodating 1-3 people, this watercraft is employed in many recreational activities.

Tip: Each person riding a Jet Ski is required to comply with the set guidelines like wearing a life jacket and attaching a signalling device like a whistle or a stored horn.

Boating and Fishing

When in Queensland, you’re never short of options concerning boating, sailing and fishing! You may pick your destinations in Whitsunday islands, a yacht to travel through the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Southern Great Barrier Reef or choose to cruise along the World Heritage-listed Fraser Island.

Tip: Memorise your fish baiting, hooking and reeling hacks; and try surf fishing on Fraser Island or deep-sea fishing in Brisbane. Chase the Jungle Perch, Murray Cod amidst the breathtaking view of sunrise, lake and waterways of Australia.

That being said, you should prepare yourself for the next recreational water sport in Queensland without thinking twice! You will have some great adventures to look forward to when you come here and will enjoy a great time with your family.

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