Do you have the courage to lose sight of the Gold Coast shore to cross the ocean? Do you feel the adrenaline rushing through your blood by the very view of sea sports in Queensland?

If you’ve you been planning an ocean trip in Gold Coast but holding back for lack of knowledge about the same, don’t resist, feed your wanderlust with these simple tips for making your ocean tour a success:

  1. Equipping yourself for safety and fun
  1. A waterproof camera: You would make many memories on your trip, and a camera is indispensable in maintaining a record of those. It’s always better to carry a waterproof and professional one.
  2. An extra set of clothes: Packing a change of clothes in a ziplock or a dry bag will come handy as you won’t have to spend all day in soggy, uncomfortable clothes.

III.    An airtight cooler: A cooler will help you catch the fish and keep them refrigerated to avoid perishing. Also, it’s a great way to keep your drinks cold. Bonus here!

  1. A first aid kit: From seasickness to small scratches and cuts, you can’t afford to leave any health concern unaddressed. Buy a readymade kit or customise it with gauze, antiseptic lotion, plaster, burn ointment, scissors, hand sanitizers, pain relievers, and antipyretic drugs.
  2. Snack on the go: Munching occasionally on non-perishable easy snacks like granola, nuts or fruit bars will keep you energised through the day.
  3. Sun protection gear: The Aussie sun is harsh, so you never know when you may acquire that ugly looking rash. Be safe with the sunscreen lotion that soothes your skin along with a pair of sunglasses for eye protection.

VII.    Fluids: The ocean journey can get distressing if you encounter difficulties like sea or motion sickness, hence it is advisable to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fluids.

VIII.    A noodle or a kickboard: If you are not comfortable with swimming, you can still keep your confidence up and roaring with the help of a noodle board or a kickboard. This will ensure you don’t miss a speck of fun taking up the exciting water sports in Queensland all along your way.

  1. Know the Laws: Understand the relevant Acts, regulations and codes of practice operational in Queensland to know the work, health and safety requirements for diving.
  1. Get familiar with your mask

A properly fitting mask is all you need to make your ocean tour hassle-free and successful. While a tight cover can give you a headache, a loose one will lead to water leaking in making it all the more uncomfortable.

  1. Buddy up

In life, it’s not just where you go; it’s who you travel with! After all, ocean adventures can be tiring and demanding. Get your friends, or in case you don’t have any around, a guided tour is your best solution.

  1. Know the troubleshooting tips
  • A non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol-free mask defogger can prevent your mask from fogging up at the same time avoiding any harm to the sea inhabitants.
  • If water gets in your snorkel, it’s best to exhale through your mouth with force.
  • In case you get tired of swimming for long, flip on your back and swim. The inverted leg movements relax your muscles and help regain your lost energy.
  1. Respect the marine life

Keep it safe for the inhabitants of the ocean – the turtles, dolphins, fish and coral. It’s better to use the eco-friendly sun block lotions and make it a point to take all your belongings back with you. Assist in keeping the marine life thriving to continue enjoying their beauty.

So, what’s next on your water sports’ bucket list? Plan your tour now, keep safe and let the sea set you free.

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