The fascinating recreational activities and marine life of the Great Coral Reef ecosystem are the most notable benefactors of the commercial and tourist pursuits in Queensland. The reef contributes for over 70000 jobs and $5.6 billion to the Australian economy each year earning the reputation of being the business powerhouse of Australia.

Whether you’re a certified scuba diver or snorkeler or a novice, know that the Great Barrier Reef has the best ocean life in the world and allows a myriad of opportunities to discover and explore. Extending for 2300 kilometres of the ocean, this most massive natural wonder of the world is easily approachable and offers exceptional snorkelling and diving options. All you need for taking a trip is the skill to swim, strength and fitness levels enough to take up the strenuous water activities.

How to begin?

If you’ve never snorkelled before, go ahead with this enriching experience, and you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of sites on the Great Barrier Reef that are adequately shallow to enable you to discover the mesmerising marine world down under in a short span of time. Gaining advantage of the all-year-long warm waters, you can swim around for as long as you desire. Also, many companies help out the first time divers with convenient choices.

Where to dive and snorkel?

  1. Whitsunday Islands

Encompassing 74 jungle-clad islands, a visit to the Whitsunday constitutes a complete holiday in itself. The nature enthusiasts can probe into the isolated isles fringed with coral reefs and enchanting sight of the beaches.


Choose from the versatile activities, ranging from Whitsundays cruise based at Port of Airlie, ferries divers, snorkellers (via the swift catamaran to the boat anchored along the coral wall at Hardy Reef).  Spare some time to cherish the breathtaking sight of the white beach sand and the young sharks and rays. In the afternoon, scuba dive or snorkel into the clear waters of Hook or Hayman islands.

  1. Townsville and nearby islands

Australia’s largest tropical city, Townsville, offers a perfect gateway to a host of reef islands.


The experienced divers can explore the wreck of the passenger steamer – Yongala, forming one of the world’s best wreck dives. Be prepared to greet some parrotfish, angelfish and clownfish while you snorkel and dive at the Lodestone Reef.

Coral Reef Aquarium, the world’s largest living coral aquarium, replicates the reef on land in the most convenient and affordable way. The reef realistically exhibits sunshine, moonshine and storms; and can be viewed through an underwater channel.

  1. Cairns and surrounding areas

Cairns is the northernmost point of the ‘golden triangle’ of Australian tourism.


Discover the cultural nuances at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park projecting the regional beliefs and stories with a humorous touch. Take a walk at the Mossman Gorge Centre, 77 Kilometres north of Cairns and study the bush foods and uses of the traditional plants on the way.


The experience of watching the amazing marine life and the exotic reef colours forming the Great Barrier Reef is unmatched and rewarding in every which way. So, why not plan your tour to this nature’s most exciting wonder without thinking twice?

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