The fascinating recreational activities and marine life of the Great Coral Reef ecosystem are the most notable benefactors of the commercial and tourist pursuits in Queensland. The reef contributes for over 70000 jobs and $5.6 billion to the Australian economy each year earning the reputation of being the business powerhouse of Australia. Whether you’re a … Continue Reading

The Great Coral Reef, situated in the Coral Sea, off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is the most massive living structure on the planet extending for over 2300 kilometres. It is believed to provide habitat to nearly 9000 marine life species found in Queensland. Each of the organisms contributes their bit to the stable and … Continue Reading

Life is either a great adventure or nothing! When in Queensland there’s no better way of creating fun than letting your adrenaline gush with the overwhelming array of water sports. In Queensland, it’s all about the love for the water, and that’s precisely where you should solicit your next adventure. However, you must determine your … Continue Reading

Do you have the courage to lose sight of the Gold Coast shore to cross the ocean? Do you feel the adrenaline rushing through your blood by the very view of sea sports in Queensland? If you’ve been planning an ocean trip in Queensland but holding back for lack of knowledge about the same, don’t … Continue Reading

Did your kid finish watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and turn to you, asking curious questions like – How do his favourite clownfish work in sync with the sea anemone? What’s the average lifespan of clownfish living with other quirky marine animals in the warm ocean waters of Queensland? Is it true that every clownfish is born … Continue Reading

The unique and breathtakingly beautiful oceanic life of Queensland makes every adventure safari memorable. Also, beneath the waves of warm, turquoise Queensland waters you can spot the famous Great Eight Marine Wildlife. If you are up for some fun in the serene environment of the Great Coral Reef, learn that the significance of the Great … Continue Reading